Core Values

The core values of the Georgetown Environment Initiative reflect a commitment to academic excellence, student engagement, Jesuit institutions of higher-education, and stewardship for our environment.

·      Depth and Innovation in Faculty Scholarship: Provide an environment and community that supports and stimulates transformative scholarship, sponsored research, dialog and disciplinary exchange by our faculty.

·      Scholarship, Teaching and Learning across Disciplines: Encourage scholarship, teaching, learning, outreach and discourse across traditional disciplinary boundaries. We have a special commitment to the synergistic activities between biophysical science, social science and policy.

·      Academic Excellence: Sustain our commitment to Georgetown’s tradition of academic excellence through faculty teaching and mentoring, student opportunities and dialog, and engagement with experts across disciplines.

·      Innovative Academic Programs: Provide multi- and interdisciplinary programs for students where they can master fundamentals and interconnections of academic fields and explore applications to diverse situations outside of the university.

·      Collaboration and Teamwork: Cultivate success through the diverse faculty, students, and staff that make up the program. Leaders work as a team through mutual respect and open communication.

·      Educating the Whole Person: Strive to contribute to each student’s spiritual, intellectual, artistic, social, and physical development by promoting experiential learning in areas related the environment. GEI values the single person as part of a larger global community working to understand and solve the complex issues of a changing environment.

·      Social Justice: Apply knowledge and skills to the empowerment, sustainability, and enrichment of our local and global communities, with special focus on disadvantaged communities.

·      Impact: Confront today's complex environmental challenges with state of the art tools in research, scholarship, and pedagogy.

·       Sustainability Driven: Strive to maintain an awareness of the resources we use in daily operations to decrease our waste and carbon footprint at every opportunity, and make resource decisions based on stewardship and sustainability priorities.