Professional Graduate Student Fellowship

This call for proposals is closed.

Environment Initiative Professional Graduate Student Fellowship
Application Instruction and Award Information

Award amount: $5,000 maximum
Submittal deadline: April 24, 2015
Announcement:  May, 2015
Funding period: May 2015-May 2016
Funding source: Georgetown Environment Initiative

These professional student fellowships will provide summer or academic year funding to students currently enrolled in a professional degree program such as public policy, law, nursing & health studies, or School of Continuing Studies. This opportunity is designed for students who have a demonstrated commitment to careers related to the environment and sustainability.

Proposals for support can be submitted for the following:

  • Research and scholarship related to a thesis or capstone project in conjunction with a faculty member in any part of the University.
  • Study abroad or research experiences organized by the student’s academic program.
  • Community and public service projects with an explicit environment or sustainability dimension.
  • Travel and registration costs to attend a professional or academic conference.
  • Fees associated with attending a specialized skills or methodology course (e.g. advanced statistical methods, legal research, GIS, or agent-based modeling) or professional certification course (e.g. LEED certification training) that directly enhances the student’s educational and professional development.

Fellowship experiences should be conceived and executed in close collaboration with a faculty mentor. Projects that could be continued during the academic year, such as producing information or data for analysis or follow-up activities, are especially encouraged. Fellowship projects can be associated with work on thesis or independent study projects as academic program requirements permit.

Work that is primarily advocacy or fund raising is not eligible for support. General and local cost of living expenses are not eligible for support (see Budget Guidelines). 

Eligibility: Open to current students enrolled full-time (at least 9 credit hours at the graduate level) in a professional academic program at Georgetown, and in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Students who have an environment focus or interest in an environmental career in any professional program are encouraged to apply.

Application Materials: Students must submit the following items as one single PDF file via email:

  • Application Cover Sheet (ACCESS AND DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • A CV or resume including any relevant awards or recognitions (1-page)
  • A personal statement describing academic and professional goals and interests in an area of the environment (1 page, double-spaced).
  • A proposal that describes fellowship activities (3 pages, double-spaced, including any citations. Citations not included in 3-page limit). The proposal should outline specific academic and career related goals and how the proposed experience helps meet them, time expected to commit to fellowship experience, as well as any plans to continue work during the academic year or to integrate fellowship experience into a thesis and/or research project.
  • An unofficial academic transcript showing courses completed, courses in progress, and current GPA.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member describing the student’s intellectual merit, enthusiasm and interest in the topic, evaluation of the student’s fellowship proposal and funding request (2 pages maximum). Letters of recommendation must be signed and dated and sent directly to Rachel Yancey at
  • An itemized budget and justification of funding requested (1 page maximum). Funding requests may not exceed $5,000, and can be less (see Budget Guidelines below).

Failure to format proposals according to these instructions can result in a proposal being returned without review.



Selection criteria: A faculty panel made up of members of the Environment Initiative steering committee and other affiliated faculty members will select Environment Initiative Professional Fellowship recipients. The selection criteria include:

Student motivation, demonstrated investment in environment topic, and relevance of project to academic interests and career development
Quality and clarity of written proposal and funding description
Intellectual merit of proposed fellowship activity
Support provided to host organization, if applicable
Suitability and involvement of faculty mentor



Expectations and Time commitment:

Summer activities supported by the fellowship must be full-time, or at least 30-40 hours per week
Fellowship recipients are expected to commit at least 8-10 hours per week to projects taking place during the academic year.
Participation in the graduate Environment Initiative salon events, to begin in fall 2015, for the entire academic year of their award.
Attendance at Environment Initiative seminar events when availability allows.
Give an oral or poster presentation on their research, internship, or other applicable fellowship experiences at the conclusion of the fellowship.
Complete an evaluation on the fellowship experience that will be used for program assessment.

Examples of Relevant Professional Graduate Programs:

McCourt School of Public Policy Master’s Program
A summer fellowship to a Master’s of Public Policy student who is interested in environmental and regulatory policy, organizational management, resource governance, or other environment-related areas of study to engage in research work with a faculty member or an internship experience.

McDonough School of Business MBA program
A fellowship to support a student working with a faculty member on scholarship of business approaches to environmental challenges such as social enterprise, sustainability, or environmental entrepreneurship.

Georgetown Law Students participating in the environmental program (J.D.s, LLMs, SJDs)
A fellowship to support a student conducting an environmental law or policy research and writing project under supervision of faculty, and/or in collaboration with the Georgetown Climate Center or relevant clinical programs (e.g., Institute for Public Representation, Harrison Policy Institute).

Masters of Science in Nursing, Masters of Science of Health Administration, Masters of Science in Global Health, School of Nursing & Health Studies
A fellowship to support a Masters of Science student in the School of Nursing and Health studies who is interested in conducting an environment-related health research project with a faculty member, focusing on human health risks and impacts, “green” health care practices, or environmental policy.

For questions on completing the application or the review process, as well as guidance on budget preparation or allowable budget requests please contact Rachel Yancey, Program Coordinator for the Georgetown Environment Initiative.

Phone: 202-687-4429













Budget Guidelines


All Professional Fellowship applications must include a budget. General cost of living expenses, such as rent, are not eligible for support. The review committee needs to understand the rationale behind each budget item in the context of the proposal. The review committee may reduce the budget of funded proposals based on the justification provided. Requests usually greatly exceed available funds, so proposers should consider each budget item and their total budget carefully.