Public Scholarship & Applied Science

The Georgetown Environment Initiative aims to expand the opportunities for faculty at Georgetown to enhance their work on the environment and develop new collaborations and partnerships. Much of this work will enable the development of new public scholarship that applies the findings and recommendations of researchers with the opportunity to inform policy and public dialogue.

Please check our website for future Call for Proposals focusing on Planning Grants, Collaborative Grants, and Partnership Grants.

Efforts Underway

Existing efforts reflect a strong commitment to applied science and public scholarship. Some prominent examples include the Adaptation Clearinghouse, a tool developed by the Georgetown Climate Center, and Gina Wimp and her research team’s work to advise conservation groups, such as the Utah Division of Wildlife and the Bureau of Reclamation.

Public Scholarship on the Environment on a National Scale

Information on the Adaptation Clearinghouse

The Adaptation Clearinghouse seeks to assist state policymakers, resource managers, academics, and others who are working to help communities adapt to climate change.

The Clearinghouse was developed by the Georgetown Climate Center (GCC) through the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation and all of the funders who make the work of the GCC possible. For more information, please contact the Georgetown Climate Center here.

Resources produced by the Climate Center also include a Legislation Tracker, which tracks and analyzes federal legislation that affects adaptation, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and transportation policies, and a Guide to State and Local Adaptation Plans.

Additional Information on Public Scholarship at Georgetown

In addition to the Environment Initiative, Georgetown University supports the public scholarship of our faculty in a number of ways: by hosting conferences, convening national and international leaders, and supporting faculty partnerships and affiliations with public research centers and government appointments.

Related Georgetown programs that support interdisciplinary and public scholarship for faculty in areas of their choice include: