2013 Environment Initiative Grants

The Environment Initiative has selected the following faculty proposals as recipients of the 2013 grants.

“Indoor pollution and health: evaluating the effects of smokeless stoves on rural communities in central Honduras”

Wolfgang Rennert, Department of Pediatrics, GUMC

“Adaptation and Mitigation Linkages in the United States and China: Comparing Climate Resilience Initiatives and Implications for Sub-National Policy”

Joanna Lewis, Science, Technology and International Affairs Program, SFS

“Evaluating environmental interventions by hospital-based environmental service workers: a participatory action research partnership”

Rosemary K. Sokas, Department of Human Science, SNHS

“Are Hydrocarbons Gelated Using Ammonium Salts and Aminopolysiloxane Addults Dispersed by Wave Action?

Richard Weiss, Department of Chemistry, Georgetown College

“Development of genetic markers (RAD tags) to elucidate the molecular basis of adaptive evolution during invasion and range expansion”

Peter Armbruster, Department of Biology, Georgetown College

“Towards Submission of an IGERT Proposal Focusing on Chemical Catalysis for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability”

YuYe J. Tong, Department of Chemistry, Georgetown College

“Partnerships for Environmental Health & Justice: Risk Communication Strategies to Reduce Climate-Related Asthma Events in Disadvantaged Communities in DC”

Laura Anderko, Department of Nursing, Department of Human Sciences, SNHS


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