The Georgetown Environment Initiative is a University-wide effort to advance the multidisciplinary study of the environment and sustainability in relation to society, scientific understanding, sound policy, and the complex challenges we face as stewards of the Earth.

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Fossil Fuels Divestment Continues Georgetown’s Commitment to Sustainability

On February 6, 2020, the Georgetown University Board of Directors adopted a policy on fossil fuel and impact investments as part of the university’s broad commitment to sustainability.

Under the new policy, the university will continue to make investments that target a market rate of return in renewable energy, energy efficiency and related areas while freezing new endowment investments in companies or funds whose primary business is the exploration or extraction of fossil fuels.

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Georgetown Experts on Climate Change Concerns

Five Georgetown University faculty experts have weighed in on their top concerns for the environment and what they want to hear about climate change from global leaders and U.S. presidential candidates. See what they have to say here.


Jane Fonda “This Is Not A Drill” Discussion on Climate Change

Oscar-winning actress and avid climate activist Jane Fonda spoke at Georgetown on January 10th with GEI Director Pete Marra, inspiring the rising generation of young activists to take action on climate change. Read more here.